How To Build Your Own PC

One thing that I wish more people would do for themselves is learn how to build their own desktop computers, there is absolutely nothing that you can get from a pre-built machine that you cannot get with better overall specs and for less money by building one yourself. I will list what you will need to get started building your own desktop as well as good places to start looking for your best bargain.

Central Processing Unit (CPU): Essentially the brain of your computer, the 2 major companies that produce CPU’s are AMD and Intel. When building your computer do not automatically assume that you are going to do best by getting the best CPU on the market, a Pentium i7 is a great processor but there is no need to overspend if you are going to do nothing more than utilize your new desktop as a media streaming device.

Motherboard: If the CPU is the brain then consider the motherboard to be the skeleton, whereas you do not want to overpay on the CPU, a better motherboard will lead to the ability to upgrade your desktop at a later date.

Memory(Random Access Memory – RAM): One of the recurring issues that I find with pre-built machines is that they either skimp on the CPU or the RAM, but they will advertise the positive spec while neglecting to mention that your 8GB of RAM is coupled with a Pentium i3.

Hard Drive (HDD or SSD): An HDD is the traditional storage device where an SSD is essentially more of a larger USB storage drive. SSD’s are far faster than HDD’s but the advantage of an HDD is going to be that they are cheaper to purchase. There are different sizes of hard drives so make sure you are getting one that fits your motherboard (2.5 or 3.5 inch).

Video Card (GPU): This is one area you are going to need to splurge on if you plan on building a gaming computer. You could get by with a game’s minimum system requirements but you are going to end up with console quality graphics, in addition to game mods one of the biggest advantages with PC gaming is that modern consoles cannot even come close to PC graphics.

Power Supply Unit (PSU): You are going to need some way to power your desktop, there are more advanced options where you could use a rechargeable battery for you desktop like the ones found in laptops, but for first time builders remember that simpler is better.

Case: This is one area that I have seen people go crazy with different LED lights or image projection. You can get as advanced of a case as you want but the most important thing to keep in mind is that everything is going to need to fit inside the case.

Other Peripherals: You will absolutely need at least one fan, or given where your vents are located on the case, multiple fans to prevent overheating. There is also liquid cooling available but again, simpler is better for first time builders. You can add an additional sound card but in most cases the motherboard will have you covered. One thing you should not overlook is cables, the last thing you are going to want to have happen is you finish your build and realize that you cannot plug it into your tv/monitor.

Software: You are going to first and foremost need an Operating System, you can either pay for a Windows or MAC OS or you can use a free Linux OS. Note that you can have more than one Operating System on your computer, known as dual-booting, but again this is something you can get to after you finish your first build.I would also recommend getting an antivirus sooner rather than later, I like Avast’s FREE Antivirus.

Now where exactly can you go to get these parts? Well Amazon, NeweggEbay and Tigerdirect are great places to start. Also I would recommend reading, and referencing, TomsHardware and checking out PCPartPicker.

British Author Karl Jones Exposed For Blatant Word For Word Plagiarism

It’s best to read the reviews which prove that the author in question, Karl Jones, stole the work of Geraldine Evans word for word. There are of course other things being said about the author but I am completely in awe as to how an “author” expects literary work that is also available on Amazon to be copied yet not recognizable. As of the time of this post his official blog has been shut down though his Twitter remains active.

Crash Course: What Is 4Chan?

In light of the recent story of the two Florida teens than set a threatened gopher tortoise on fire, 4Chan’s /b/ finds itself again in the headlines. In the extremely graphic video the girls can be seen attempting to set the tortoise on fire multiple times before smashing it on the ground and ultimately killed the tortoise by stomping on it. /b/ users took matters into their own hands and doxed(released private information) about the two teenagers.

This is far from the first time that /b/ has come to the aid of an abused animal but before you think of joining the community due to what you perceive to be a common interest in the well being of animals, I will try to clear up some common misconceptions about 4Chan.

All of 4chan is /b/: 4Chan itself is a user submitted imageboard whereas /b/ is 4Chan’s random board, other popular boards are the fitness based board /fit/ and the gif/webm based board /gif/ among others.

/b/ is evil: Just like most online communities you are going to find good and bad about people on /b/, one of the best things you can do is per their own advice “lurk moar(more)”. Currently on the /b/ catalog are a variety of “rate me” threads, “YLYL(you laugh you lose)” threads, race bait and general opinion threads, also included is a thread that states “4Chan will automatically XXXX your credit card number if you input it with you expiration date” and as far as I can tell nobody actually fell for it. Take the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” and abridge it for /b/ as “don’t say anything at all.

/b/ is the hacker group Anonymous: No, just…no. 4Chan users post under the name Anonymous with varying ID’s and may have a history with the group, but few users of 4Chan are members of Anonymous and if somebody tells you that they are, they are full of shit.

Tits or GTFO: One of the most widely accepted rules, if you are asking the community for help then you should be prepared to offer tits. Most of the time offering tits will go a long way towards getting help from the community but there have been a handful of times that it has backfired, if you are going to offer your own tits then you should make sure that you remove identifying information from the picture. When you take a cell phone picture, information such as the location in which the photo was taken is stored, the information is easy to find and even easier to remove, try making a copy of the photo with removed information or just upload the photo to Imgur.

I could keep going on about 4Chan but maybe you should just check it out for yourself, you will not need any additional software nor will you need a new antivirus. Be forewarned that even more so than on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter I have wasted hours of time checking the different boards, also if you see a thread that looks too good to be true then you may want to save from it early before it 404′s.

Startup Weekend West Palm Beach

Startup Weekend West Palm Beach

The group at Startup Palm Beach presents West Palm’s 2nd official Startup Weekend to kick off summer Entrepreneur Week. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour business plan competition where designers, developers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build prototypes and launch companies. Last November, StartupPB hosted one of the largest and most engaged Startup Weekends ever held in the state, with over 100 participants pitching 42 ideas which evolved into 11 companies, three of which are still operating. It is a fun filled, energetic group and exhilarating time to network and develop startups.

For those coming from Miami, use code REFRESH for a free ticket (there are only 5 codes, so act now!). The Hyatt in downtown West Palm is providing discounted accommodations ($99/night) if you’re interested in staying local for the weekend.


Request: “How Do I Install A Pirated Copy of Photoshop?”

I have had multiple people ask me this recently so I figured why not share with everyone. I will preface this by stating that pirating Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Master Collection or any of its individual programs is illegal. All Adobe products are available to legally purchase and download from This post assumes that at this point you have already found and downloaded a copy of your favorite Adobe software, if you have yet to do that then please refer to our How To Get Started With Torrenting and Going Further With Torrenting guides. In most downloads you will find a readme.txt file which explains what to do but some people have still expressed that that need further assistance. If you are looking at an .iso file then you will need to mount the file, without getting too technical download MagicISO and open the file that way.

(1)Disconnect your computer from the internet. If you have a wired connection then pull the plug, wireless connections should disconnect from the network. DO NOT move on to step 2 until you are guaranteed to be disconnected from the internet. If you have attempted to download Adobe software in the past then you will need to check for the following entries in your host file:
(2) Launch the Adobe Master Collection CS6 installer.

(3) When asked for a serial number, launch the keygen that was included in the download and press the generate button. DO NOT close or exit the keygen yet, you will need it later.

(4) Copy that serial number into the Adobe installer. You will receive an error message that says “Please connect to the internet and retry”, click connect later and continue with the installation.

(5) Upon completion of the installation open any program (Illustrator, Photoshop…) and you will be prompted to Activate.

(6) You should see a link that says “I’m having Internet Problems” or an Activate Offline button, click on the Generate Request Code button.

(7) Input that Request Code, including the “=” at the end of the code into the keygen underneath the serial number and again press Generate to receive your Activation Code.

(8) Copy the Activation Code it into the Adobe Activator window and then validate.

(9) Also included with the torrent should be

For Windows:

Double click disable_activation.cmd. In Vista or Windows 7, run it as admin if you have uac enabled. Or do it manually by adding the text below to the bottom of your hosts file. (The host file is located C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)

For Mac:

Run Osx/disable_activation_osx as root, if you dont know how to do that, open a terminal window
then issue sudo -s, a root shell will open. Next do “sh disable_activation_osx” w/o the “”
or ./disable_activation_osx( make it executable chmod 755 disable_activation_osx you do that from the folder where disable_activation_osx is. (just copy it anywhere on your hdd). Or do it manually by adding the text below to the bottom of your hosts file. (/private/etc/hosts /et/hosts)


# Begin Adobe block
# CRL.VERISIGN.NET practivate.adobe practivate.adobe.newoa practivate.adobe.ntp practivate.adobe.ipp
# End of Adobe block

(10) After it has been activated reboot your computer, re-enable you Network card and run the adobe updater to update your software to the latest version. If you followed every step here then Master Collection CS6 will update without any problems.

(11) If it did not properly install then you will need to completely uninstall everything and try all over again.

PSA: Urge your representative to vote NO on the amendment to H.R. 5016 that strips away FCC authority to enact meaningful net neutrality rules.

Members of the House of Representatives are trying to sneak through a dangerous amendment that will strip the FCC of its power to enact meaningful net neutrality. The provision will prevent the FCC from treating the Internet like an essential telecommunications service, thwarting any chance of creating clear rules that would prevent Internet service providers from unfairly discriminating against how we access parts of the Internet, such as creating “fast lanes” for those who can afford them.

The Representative tacked this amendment on to legislation that otherwise has nothing to do with net neutrality, in the hopes that no one will notice. WE NOTICED.

We expect the House of Representatives to vote on this today or tomorrow, so we must ACT NOW.

PSA: US government says online storage isn’t protected by the Fourth Amendment

A couple months ago, a New York judge ruled that US search warrants applied to digital information even if they were stored overseas. The decision came about as part of an effort to dig up a Microsoft user’s account information stored on a server in Dublin, Ireland. Microsoft responded to the ruling and challenged it, stating that the government’s longstanding views of digital content on foreign servers are wrong, and that the protections applied to physical materials should be extended to digital content. In briefs filed last week, however, the US government countered. It states that according to the Stored Communications Act (SCA), content stored online simply do not have the same Fourth Amendment protections as physical data:

“Overseas records must be disclosed domestically when a valid subpoena, order, or warrant compels their production. The disclosure of records under such circumstances has never been considered tantamount to a physical search under Fourth Amendment principles, and Microsoft is mistaken to argue that the SCA provides for an overseas search here. As there is no overseas search or seizure, Microsoft’s reliance on principles of extra-territoriality and comity falls wide of the mark.”

From the Justice Department’s point of view, this law is necessary in an age where “fraudsters” and “hackers” use electronic communications in not just the U.S. but abroad as well. Indeed, the Microsoft account in this case is in relation to a drug-trafficking investigation. However, Microsoft believes there are wide-ranging implications for such a statement, and it’s not the only company that thinks so. Verizon also responded, stating that this would create “dramatic conflict with foreign data protection laws” and Apple and Cisco joined in by saying this could potentially damage international relations. In the meantime, a senior counsel for the Irish Supreme Court offered that a “Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty” be pursued so that the US” government can get at the email account in question.